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WAITING FOR MAMU shares the story of what it means for a child to grow up in prison and yet find hope in unlikely places. The film features Pushpa Basnet, who won both the CNN Hero award of 2012 and the CNN Superhero award of 2016 for her work with children in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Thomas Morgan, Morgan Spurlock, Susan Sarandon, CNN Hero Award, CNN Superhero Award, Pushpa Basnet, Butterfly House, Nepal, Kathmandu, Children rights, Social Action Documentary, Orphanage
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About This Project

1 OF 45,000 NOMINEES → 2012 CNN HERO

Thomas Morgan started filming Pushpa’s story in early 2012, when she was one of 45,000 CNN Hero nominees. With the initial film clips we were able to create and then excite a global community to spread the word.  They voted, she won!


Throughout the filming we saw the struggle that Pushpa faced keeping her housing, including witnessing when her landlord found out that the kids in the home were prison children and she was evicted.  We set out to use the film to solve this problem— with every screening we held a fundraiser and gave people an opportunity to get involved and help.  Before we knew it 4 buildings were nearly complete (a boy’s dorm, a girl’s dorm, admin and classrooms, and a house for Pushpa and the newly released mothers) when an earthquake brought down more than 60% of the construction in 2015.  

$150,000 FILM BUDGET → $1.4M (S)ROI

We again went back to the film, giving it away to allow people to use it for small fundraisers around the world.  Within a year they had the funds to complete the Butterfly Home, having raised more than $1.4M on the back of this film and the community it was able to gather – a return that will have an ever-lasting impact.





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Susan Sarandon, Morgan Spurlock, Thomas Morgan

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