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Rebelhouse Group is a creative agency of adventurous filmmakers and inspired creatives. We are the rebellious-of-spirit who believe in the power of story to ignite growth and change. Rebelhouse produces documentary shorts and features, as well as narrative content to uplift audiences and make the world a better place.
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Two Parts Grace

About This Project

Two Parts Grace is a 6-part documentary series shot around the world, which shows and tells extraordinary stories of female refugees turned chefs.


These are not ordinary women, nor are the circumstances that define them. Each of our subjects has undertaken the harrowing, often impossible journey to flee a war ravaged country they called home, and forge an entirely new life in a foreign land. Through a remarkable blend of determination, perseverance, love, faith, courage, and ingenuity, they’ve found a way to not only survive, but thrive – through food.


Cooking unites them. Traditional recipes from their cultures are their fuel. And treasured ingredients from their native countries are the tools they use to integrate the smells, tastes, and feeling of home.


Their approach to cooking mirrors their approach to life – One part determination. Two parts grace. And a whole lot of love.

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Lauren Thompson, Elena Dorfman, Petr Cikhart, Frederic Menou, Trevor Hall, Thomas Morgan, Gretchen Thomas

Documentary Series