Rebelhouse Group | Rebelhouse Studios: RETURN TO SUGAR DITCH (In Production)
In the 1980’s Tunica County, Mississippi was the poorest place in America. Sugar Ditch was the poorest neighborhood in that county. The all-black community was comprised of shacks surrounding an open sewer just feet away from a wealthy white Baptist church. RETURN TO SUGAR DITCH tells the story of how greed, government inaction, and white indifference have converged to create an American crisis.
Filmmaking, Documentary, Documentary FIlmmaking, Grassroots Distribution, Impact Producer, Impact Production, Impact FIlmmaking
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About This Project

Being done in partnership with the Sal Zaentz Foundation, CHICAGO PROJECT (working title) is a documentary film following the lives of four high school students on the South and West Sides of Chicago as they embark on the journey through their final months leading up to graduation and beyond. The common bond between them is that they were all graduates of the first Educare preschool class in the now demolished Robert Taylor homes. This film will endeavor to understand if their preschool experience forever changed these four students’ lives and if their stories can be a roadmap to success for kids living in urban poverty everywhere?

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Thomas Morgan (Director)
Trevor Hall (Producer) Lisa Madison (Impact Producer) Sal Zaentz Foundation (Production Partner)

Feature Documentary