Rebelhouse Group | Thomas Morgan Part II: The Business of Film Festivals, Film in Asia, and Making Soufra
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Thomas Morgan Part II: The Business of Film Festivals, Film in Asia, and Making Soufra


This is Part II of Director Thomas Morgan’s conversation withI’m Steve Stine, Chief Executive Insider at Inside Asia. Listen above!

Thomas Morgan is more than a filmmaker. He's an astute observer of the human condition with a visionary drive to tell the stories of others in order to make the world a better place. His protagonists are the unwanted, the disenfranchised, the poor and the outcast. His mission is to levitate his characters from the mean streets of their worlds in order to transport them into our living rooms and our lives. Watch a Thomas Morgan film and feel for a moment, the bigotry of our times fall by the wayside. Listen to the stories of his subjects and realize that race, religion and economic circumstances aside, we're all very much and sometimes surprisingly alike. Through the lens of Morgan's camera, the lives of others become a kind of distant country which we as the audience can briefly inhabit. In this age of instant, downloadable visibility, we're too often presented with a vision of the world that feels hazy and even ambiguous. Morgan's work has just the opposite effect. It brings the life into sharp focus. He unpacks human stories of suffering and triumph and even improbable friendship. He also asks the audience the same thing he asks himself, urging us to do more than passively absorb the message of the medium. The essential thing for Morgan is seeing it, and then filming it in a way that results in change. That's not just filmmaking. That's film-anthropy. A sublime blend of visual art and action-oriented philanthropy.






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