Rebelhouse Group | Distribution
Rebelhouse Group is a creative agency of adventurous filmmakers and inspired creatives. We are the rebellious-of-spirit who believe in the power of story to ignite growth and change. Rebelhouse produces documentary shorts and features, as well as narrative content to uplift audiences and make the world a better place.
Filmmaking, Documentary, Documentary FIlmmaking, Grassroots Distribution, Impact Producer, Impact Production, Impact FIlmmaking
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Rebelhouse produces content that become tools to inspire action and increase audience engagement. In addition to leveraging the best traditional distribution channels we also bring a unique approach to audience development through a combination of techniques that blend hosted events, social action campaigns, and social media engagement to ensures our films reach the broadest audience possible and have the highest level of impact.

Bulls Eye_Grey

We design and implement highly customized impact campaigns and grassroots distribution strategies for our films.

Conduct extensive research into the topics covered by the film with an eye toward developing partnerships and identifying advocates that will help the film flourish in the political or social landscape that it lives.


Design and implement focused campaigns that move the issues of the film forward to enact change while also publicizing the film’s availability as a change tool.


Implement a grassroots distribution model in which the film can be made available to screening hosts around the world.


Design a dynamic screening kit, including practical guides for event planning and marketing, a sample press release, customizable film posters and extensive social media content.


Establish a close relationships with screening hosts to ensure they are given the support they need to become ambassadors for the film and its cause.

We help our filmmakers make the most of the tools available to them in a way that maximizes their efficacy and minimizes their effort.

Build a dynamic and optimized website using a custom-designed template for documentary films, complete with a communication pipeline to track screening inquiries and convert them to hosted events.

  • Integrated donor, volunteer and supporter capture & management
  • Ability to accept donations with no transaction fees (payment processor fees still apply)
  • Integrated shopping cart to sell DVDs, Screening Licenses or Merchandise
  • Option for Instant Access/VOD integration
  • Fulfillment


Establish a dedicated email for screening inquiries and a centralized set of responses so they might be handled quickly, professionally and effectively.


Create targeted social media campaigns and brand strategy.


Design impact surveys to capture screening data and feedback from hosts to measure film’s impact on audiences.


We connect audiences and social movements.

All of our films are part of our centralized database, helping to build a dynamic and constantly growing network for all of our films and their calls to action.


All projects are publicized and strategically cross-promoted to the entire Rebelhouse database, widening the reach of marketing efforts and leveraging audiences between our films