Rebelhouse Group | Chip Warren
Rebelhouse Group is a creative agency of adventurous filmmakers and inspired creatives. We are the rebellious-of-spirit who believe in the power of story to ignite growth and change. Rebelhouse produces documentary shorts and features, as well as narrative content to uplift audiences and make the world a better place.
Filmmaking, Documentary, Documentary FIlmmaking, Grassroots Distribution, Impact Producer, Impact Production, Impact FIlmmaking
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Chip Warren


Chip is a seasoned filmmaker and producer who has produced stories for broadcast on outlets including ABC News, A&E, The BBC, MSNBC, Discovery International, and films including most recently Ben Lear’s They Call Us Monsters. Chip is also emerging as a screenwriter, with a distinct social justice brand. His current projects include a finalist in the Sundance Episodic Lab and a collaboration with Sonja Sohn (HBO’s The WireBaltimore Rising).


Chip’s experience with the American Juvenile Justice System began in 1986 at a juvenile detention center in Reno, Nevada—as an offender—an experience that galvanized his interest in how we deal with at-risk youth and incarceration in general. Since then Chip has spent time in close to 30 different prisons and detention facilities as a filmmaker, advocate, and teacher.  His drive to change the way we treat citizens coming home from prison compelled him to co-found ManifestWorks, an organization that does entertainment industry workforce development for people affected by incarceration, homelessness, and foster care.


Chip grew up in rural Virginia, has lived in the Bay Area, Alaska, Austin, Brooklyn, Budapest, Prague, and several points between. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Classical Archaeology, excels at badminton, and is unafraid of public speaking.